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Welcome to people connected with the gaming industry. Project Fairdice would like to work with the gaming industry to improve it, not against it to destroy.

Eventually we would like to see every code of conduct certified casino being fairdice compatible. But this won't happen without your help. We need to reach out to the gaming industry, in particular to the watchdogs who write the codes of conduct, the auditors who certify casinos, and the developers who provide gaming software for whole chains of casinos. We need to reach out and tell them about fairdice and how it could help them combat fraud and negative public images.

If you would like to join the outreach effort, please get in contact. Tell if you want to talk. Tell us if you know who we should be talking to.

Update: There is now a wiki for discussing the outreach effort. The URL is:

Please read the 'how to use' link before editing and follow the guidelines for this particular wiki!

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