Project Fairdice
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Initial Source Release
Douglas Reay on: Mon 23 of Aug, 2004 [16:08 UTC]
Project Fairdice is pleased to announce the initial release of the Fairdice Application Suite. (Read More...)

Discussion Area Launched
By: Douglas Reay on: Sat 14 of Aug, 2004 [14:54 UTC]
I've tested out the sourceforge file release system, by releasing the formal protocol specification as fairdice_protocol-0.3.tgz (Read More...)

Big website update
By: Douglas Reay on: Sat 14 of Aug, 2004 [14:54 UTC]
The project is nearly ready to go Alpha. As soon as there is something real to download, next Wednesday probably, it will be time to change status and (Read More...)

Functionality Complete
By: Douglas Reay on: Mon 09 of Aug, 2004 [19:12 UTC]
With the most recent code checkin the applications are now functionally complete - they implement sufficient of the protocol to (Read More...)

Message passing framework is stable enough to start implementing the game-specific protocols.
Finished testing the external libraries, and starting on applications.
The documentation should be finished by the end of this week, at which point the plan is to get a really really simplistic implementation up and running as soon as possible, to prove the concept, and have something developers can dowload, play around with, and use as a basis for discussing what should go into an industrial strength version.
Fairdice Protocol documentation uploaded.
Wiki Page opened - please add your feedback here.
Source Forge project started.