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Architecture : Connections

Diagram Showing Relationships
User / Client
Each User may do whatever they wish.
I.E. a bridge program might allow you to take part in multiple tournaments.
Each Client may be connected to by multiple Users
I.E. A bridge program and a poker program on the user's machine might both share the same fairdice client app.
Client / Server
Each Client may connect to multiple Servers
(multiple servers per user too).
Each Server may be connected to by multiple Clients
Indeed this has to happen for multi-user games.
Server / Host
Each Server may connect to or be connected to by multiple Hosts
For instance, a casino might run blackjack, roulette and poker hosts from the same server app.
Each Host may do whatever they want.
There is nothing to stop the creation of multi-host games on a peer-peer basis.

Diagram Showing Scope

What you don't get is User / Server or Client / Host.

User / Host communication is likely to happen, either direct or through tunneling. However what is said between these is use-dependant and outside this specification.

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