Project Fairdice
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Documentation : Status

  1. What is the current status?
  2. How can I help?

What is the current status?

The software has just turned Alpha. This means:
- there is something you can actually download, compile and run
- the software is buggy, prone to crashes and incomplete
- documentation is patchy
- testing is patchy
- no effort has been put into: porting, internationalisation or accessibility yet
- think of the architecture being a spike (something written fast to provide a starting point for discussing how to do it right).
The protocol has been documented, but so far only received 5 reviews (no flaws found so far).
Outreach has not yet started.

How can I help?

- download the software, install it, use it, report errors
- code reviews
- join the architectural discussion
- porting to other platforms
- translating to other languages (probably not yet)
- re-implement in other coding languages (eg Java)
- writing tests
- improving the documentation
- help write it!
- spread the word
- review the protocol
- spread the word
Gaming (industry)
- adapt your software to have the option of using fairdice
- get fairdice adopted by industry standards bodies
- provide input into the requirements
- spread the word
Gaming (consumers)
- lobby industry bodies, individual casinos and software houses
- join the outreach team, to help plan the outreach campaign
- provide input into the requirements
- spread the word